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A supplier code of conduct is created for the purpose of ensuring that a company's suppliers put into place safe working conditions and their employees are treated Components of a supplier code of conduct include: Labor & Human Rights and standards: This includes safeguards against child labour.. Ombudsmann Supplier Code of Conduct Unternehmenspolitik Datenschutzrichtlinien Rechtliche Hinweise Impressum. Code of Conduct. 1. Beachtung des geltenden Rechts. Das Beachten aller anwendbaren Gesetze und sonstiger Rechtsvorschriften ist unverzichtbare Grundlage allen Handelns.. Violation of our supplier code of conduct. Failure to comply with this document, any additional requirements set forth by HERE, or any applicable laws and regulations may result in the termination of any agreement as a HERE supplier and referral of the matter to local authorities Accordingly, Bain has created this Supplier Code of Conduct, which sets out the standards expected of any Supplier doing business with Bain. Supplier means any firm or individual that provides a product or service or undertakes any activity for or on behalf of Bain, either directly or indirectly The Code of Conduct addresses the issues included in the Compact in the areas of human rights, labour, environment and 1. Scope of Application: The provisions of this Code of Conduct set forth the UN's expectations for all suppliers that are registered with the UN or with whom it does business

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The Supplier Code of Conduct (Code) describes the minimum expectations in the areas of: integrity, ethics and conduct; conflict of interest, gifts, benefits and hospitality; corporate governance; labour and human rights; health and safety; and environmental management In that regard, Suppliers must fully comply with this Supplier Code of Conduct (Code) and educate their employees and subcontractors so they The Code should be viewed as the minimum standards that we expect from our supplier community. It is not intended to reduce, replace or limit any other.. Döhler Code of Conduct. Vielfalt benötigt einheitliche Regeln. Als weltweit verbindliche Leitlinie für gesetzeskonformes und ethisch verantwortungsvolles Handeln in unserem Unternehmen definiert der Code of Conduct den Standard für unser Verhalten gegenüber Mitarbeitern, Geschäftspartnern und.. All principles contained in this Code of Conduct are of equal importance, independently of their order of notation. Dialog Axiata Group suppliers are expected to understand that if they are awarded a contract/indent/Purchase Order (PO) by Dialog Axiata Group, the Code becomes legally enforced.. Suppliers must effectively distribute and communicate UPRR's Supplier Code of Conduct to all employees and subcontractors involved in doing business with UPRR. Suppliers must immediately report any violation of this Code to UPRR's Values Line at: 1 (800) 998-2000

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Supplier Code of Conduct. Cummins Inc. values global supply partners who share our commitment to quality and value, but who also Seven main topics are covered by the Supplier Code of Conduct, including equal employment opportunity and treatment of others, the environment, forced and child.. The Sherwin-Williams Supplier Code of Conduct establishes the requirements for our business partners to operate in a manner that is consistent with our company's values and is applicable to all suppliers (and suppliers' sub-contractors) globally A code of conduct is a set of rules outlining the norms, rules, and responsibilities of, and or proper practices for, an individual. A company code of conduct is a code of conduct commonly written for.. Every supplier must comply with our Code of Conduct and Code Leadership Standards—they are a core component of reaching our 2020 targets. In 2017, we updated our NIKE, Inc. Code of Conduct to better reflect our priorities across labor, health and safety, and the environment.. Caterpillar supplier conduct is expected to carry on our tradition of strong values and commitment to quality. In 2016, Caterpillar began proactively requesting suppliers to complete a self-assessment to confirm their alignment to Caterpillar's Supplier Code of Conduct

For purposes of this Supplier Code of Conduct (the Code), a supplier means any direct or indirect vendor, broker, consultant, or other service provider to This Code sets forth the principles and ethical standards that we expect all our suppliers to work toward achieving throughout the course of our.. Declaration form to the Supplier Code of Conduct (SCoC). For this purpose please use the Declaration of Supplier's Acknowledgement and Acceptance of the ANDRITZ Supplier Code of Conduct and upload the Declaration form (bearing your legally binding signature) during the.. AQUA AMERICA, INC. SUPPLIER CODE OF CONDUCT Scope and Purpose. The Code of Conduct defines the basic requirements placed on Suppliers of goods and services concerning their responsibilities towards their stakeholders and the environment This Supplier Code of Conduct sets forth the minimum standards of business conduct we expect from all of our suppliers. 2. Compliance with laws: Suppliers shall comply fully with all laws and regulations applicable to them. 3. Environment: EY expects its suppliers to demonstrate a clear.. The Lohmann Supplier Code of Conduct is based on the general Lohmann Code of Conduct and sets minimum requirements and expectations with respect to the ethical conduct of suppliers to companies belonging to the Lohmann Tape Group (hereafter jointly referred to as Lohmann)

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  1. This Code of Conduct specifies what we require from our suppliers, their subcontractors and other business partners in order to fulfil our commitment to our Board of Directors, to our employees, to our customers, to our shareholders and to other stakeholders
  2. Supplier Code of Conduct. DISCRIMINATION. MEC suppliers will: • Consider employees for positions on the basis of their qualifications and Supplier Code of Conduct Our goal is to ensure safe and healthy workplaces for the people who make our products, where human and civil rights are..
  3. The supplier encourages its suppliers to adhere to the ethical standards, human rights, health and safety standards and environmental standards upon which this agreement is based, as part of fulfilling their contractual obligations.Any breach of the obligations stipulated in this Supplier Code of..

Schur's current Code of Conduct was published in 2005. In Schur's new version, an agreement/contract has been included where suppliers that contribute to our end product must confirm that they comply with Schur's Code of Conduct Supplier Code of Conduct. Cummins Inc. values global supply partners who share our commitment to quality and value, but who also operate under a To support that philosophy, Cummins has a Code of Business Conduct for our employees and a Supplier Code of Conduct specifically for its supply.. Our Supplier Code of Conduct sets the sustainability requirements for our suppliers. Our key tools in supply chain management are counterparty risk assessment, supplier qualification and supplier audits

Supplier Code of Conduct. At Robertshaw, we recognize that as a global company our responsibilities to ourselves and our customers extend Robertshaw's commitment to proper business conduct and sustainability is embodied in the Robertshaw Code of Conduct and its supporting policies Supplier Code of Conduct. At Amgen, we recognize that it is a privilege to work at a company focused on helping patients with serious diseases. The enhanced Supplier Code of Conduct sets forth high-level performance expectations for Amgen's suppliers worldwide on issues that support an ethical.. Our Supplier Code of Conduct sets forth ethical standards for Allegis Group's current and potential suppliers. We view these partnerships as critical to our success and work only with suppliers who share our commitment to conduct business ethically and with integrity. Modern Slavery Statement Questions and Answers: Business Courtesies You May Receive. Questions and Answers: Business Courtesies You May Receive. Questions and Answers: Business Courtesies You May Receive. Questions and Answers: Business Courtesies You May Receive. Questions and Answers: Business..

Both new and existing suppliers are selected and evaluated beyond the basis of economic criteria. We also look closely at environmental protection, compliance with human rights, labor and social standards as well as anti-discrimination and anti-corruption policies

BI 1_Supplier Code of Conduct by KL D on Scribd Supplier Code of Conduct. Compliance with Laws, Regulations and Published Standards. Environmental Practices. The University of Pennsylvania is committed to conducting procurement in an ethical, legal and socially responsible manner The ABB Supplier Code of Conduct is the core document on which we build our efforts to source responsibly and in accordance with sound corporate At ABB, we work hard to conduct business that respects our employees, society, and the environment. In fact, we treat our partners as part of our.. This Supplier Code of Conduct governs any company or entity that sells or seeks to sell any products or services to ITW and/or any of its affiliates whether directly or indirectly through its employees, affiliates, distributors, subcontractors, agents, or other representatives (defined hereafter as..

Non-adherence to this Code of Conduct may result in Concentrix's termination of business relations with you. Your employees will not accept or solicit gifts and entertainment from present or prospective suppliers in connection with activities you conduct on behalf of Concentrix The Supplier Code of Conduct is a set of standards on social, environmental and ethical issues in the electronics industry supply chain. The standards set out in the Code of Conduct reference international norms and standards including the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, ILO..

This Supplier Code establishes specific obligations for Suppliers regarding the following issues: responsible business conduct, ethical business Suppliers must ensure they conduct all of their business activities in compliance with the applicable laws, rules, and regulations of the jurisdictions in.. Code of Conduct. Integrity—behaving ethically and being true to our words—is an Air Products core value and one we must never compromise. Below, you'll find our Code of Conduct in the most common languages spoken by the members of our global workforce Roche Supplier Code of Conduct. Non-Discrimination Suppliers shall provide a workplace free of harassment and discrimination. Discrimination for reasons such as color, age, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, disability, religion, political affiliation, union membership or marital status is not.. IKEA's Supplier Code of Conduct, IWAY, is designed to maintain a set of standards for the company's current and potential suppliers. Following its trademark minimalist style, the code of conduct is concise, yet comprehensive. The document covers topics such as health and safety, wages and..

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The code of conduct is based in particular on the principles of the United Nations (UN) Global Compact and the International Labour Organization (ILO). Questions on the Supplier Code of Conduct. Suppliers with questions can get in touch with their point of contact at Linde Procurement Supplier Code of Conduct. Effective Date: 10/17/2018. are treated with respect and dignity, and that business operations are environmentally responsible and conducted ethically. Review the full policy attached below Supplier Code of Conduct. Last modified: August 2nd, 2018. Waymo is committed to treating all workers with respect and dignity, ensuring safe working conditions, and conducting environmentally responsible, ethical operations. Supplier Conformance with Waymo's Supplier Code of Conduct

  1. (Svenska) Switzerland | Schweiz (Deutsch) Switzerland | Suisse (Français) Syrian Arab Republic (English) Tajikistan (English) Tajikistan | Таджикистан (Русский) Thailand (English) Thailand | ไทย (ไทย) Turkey | Türkiye (Türkçe) Ukraine (English) Ukraine | Україна (Українська) United Kingdom..
  2. Supplier code of conduct. IDEAL INDUSTRIES, INC. (IDEAL) is committed to conducting business in an ethical and honest manner, and in a way that promotes corporate social and environmental responsibility. This includes responsible supplier selection by conducting business..
  3. We will accurately track Supplier Code of Conduct acceptances. You'll receive detailed insight into your suppliers' responses and questions regarding the Code of Conduct. And we will swiftly respond to your suppliers, acknowledging their responses to the project communications

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The IBM Code of Conduct offers extensive descriptions of each principle so people and employees will understand clearly the company's expectations. Another frequent component of the Code of Conduct for suppliers is that they are discouraged from offering gifts to employees who, by their.. Intuit's Supplier Code of Conduct. Ethics. We expect our business partners, suppliers, contractors and agents to conduct themselves ethically, professionally and with the utmost integrity and transparency in all of their business dealings, including complying with all applicable laws, rules and.. Supplier Code of Conduct. A Commitment to Integrity - SIRVA Supplier Code of Business Conduct. SIRVA is committed to working with suppliers who share its commitment to the highest quality and integrity RMIG expects all suppliers and companies connected with our suppliers to comply with current laws and this Supplier Code of Conduct, thus sharing our ethical The RMIG Code of Conduct defines the general guidelines and requirements for all employees within the RMIG organisation The Suppliers' Code of Conduct is an integral part of supplier agreements and serves as the basis for our business relations. Carl Kühne KG (GmbH & Co.) reserves the right to amend the requirements of this Code of Conduct in line with changes made to the legal and/or normative underlying conditions

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with implementing the suppliers code of conduct Schulte & Bruns ensures that the standards in view to our daily business operations will meet the universally accepted principles in areas of business ethics, labour, health, safety and environment. This provides that all our suppliers, service providers..

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Supplier code of conduct. Modern slavery statement. Index ticker terms and conditions. Local requirements. Defines the conduct MSCI generally expects of its Suppliers. MSCI Global Procurement conducts business worldwide, managing MSCI's Supplier relationships, including those.. Code of Conduct. 1. Promotional Activities in Chats. On our website, it is prohibited to 2. Rules of Conduct for Chat Users. In our chats it is strictly prohibited to do the following, and any user can be banned for: Using abusive or vulgar terms, profanity or swearing, mild expletives in any form and.. Supplier Code of Conduct. At Trans World Entertainment Corporation, we strive to work with suppliers who treat their workers with dignity and respect, adhere to applicable laws and regulations, and make their products in an environmentally sustainable manner

Kraton's Supplier Code of Conduct, Conflict Minerals Policy, and Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement guides suppliers on Kraton's expectations. Ensure that 100 per cent of the purchase value from significant suppliers is committed to Grnges Supplier Code of Conduct or equivalent.. Our Supplier Code of Conduct (the Code) defines the minimum standards of social and environmental conduct for suppliers. Translation of the supplier code of conduct into the official languages of the United Nations and its publication on the procurement website, accessible by vendors and Member.. This Supplier Code of Conduct (Code) reflects the standards of conduct required of subcontractors and suppliers (collectively Suppliers) of Booz Allen Hamilton Inc. (Booz Allen) in the delivery of services to Booz Allen and/or its ultimate customers, including the United States Government.. Code of Conduct. Eine respektvolle und kooperative Zusammenarbeit sowie die bewusste Wahrnehmung sozialer Verantwortung bilden die Basis für unseren langfristigen Unternehmenserfolg. Bei thyssenkrupp hat dieses Verständnis bereits eine lange Tradition

Academic Conduct Policies and Procedures. The University has established the policies and procedures that comprise the Student Code of Conduct to both promote the University mission and protect the rights of students, faculty and staff Our Global Code of Conduct is intended to be a practical, user-friendly guide, including helpful examples, to ensure our actions constantly reflect our core values. We hold our employees accountable to demonstrating behavior that is aligned with the code of standards and ethics set forth in this.. This Supplier Code of Conduct applies to Snap Inc. suppliers and their subsidiaries, affiliates, and subcontractors (each a Supplier) providing goods or services to Snap Inc. or for use in or with Snap Inc. or other Snap Inc. products. It sets out legal and social responsibility requirements for our.. Our Supplier Code of Conduct encompasses all our most important social, ecological and ethical standards. The Supplier Code of Conduct which sets forth key social, ecological and ethical standards that the Covestro expects its suppliers to share Supplier Code of Conduct. Ingredion Incorporated is an innovative, customer-focused company that has built a reputation for providing the highest quality ingredients to our customers. We expect our suppliers to share the core values that reflect our principles and business practices

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  1. At ABB, we work hard to conduct business ethically and with respect towards employees, society, and the environment. We take a lot of pride in our..
  2. ing sector when it comes to ethics, working environment, equality and diversity, and will conduct activities that facilitate sustainable social development and generate prosperity
  3. Code of Conduct for suppliers. Achieving compliance together. We expect our suppliers to comply with the essential content of our Code of Conduct. This calls for responsible behavior and respect for basic ethical value
  4. This Supplier Code of Conduct (Code) sets out the principles and expectations as to how organizations, including their representatives and 1. Compliance with Laws In all their activities, Suppliers must ensure they conduct business in compliance with the applicable laws, rules, and..
  5. Our commitment: This Code of Conduct expresses our commitment to ethical and responsible practices in all aspects of our business operations. We conduct our business with respect for human rights and for the environment. We require that all our business partners..
  6. A. The Code of Business Conduct (Code) applies to all employees, including officers, and any third party In such instances, the SkyWest employee must not conduct Company business without first disclosing G. Invitations to business functions that involve customer or supplier-provided overnight..
  7. Code of conduct. As a socially-responsible organization, we will comply with the applicable laws and ethical values whenever and wherever we conduct business. Customers and suppliers alike are required to familiarize themselves and fully comply with the basic principles outlined in this..

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  1. These codes outline the standards and behaviours expected from suppliers and grant recipients, and reiterate the government's approach to working with The Supplier Code of Conduct reiterates the government's approach to acting together with trusted suppliers to deliver better public services
  2. This Supplier Code of Conduct (Code) sets out K2's expectations of its Suppliers. By supplying K2 with products, services or otherwise, Supplier accepts and agrees to Suppliers shall ensure that this Code is communicated to its employees, subsidiaries, business partners or subcontractors involved in..
  3. This Supplier Code of Conduct sets forth the principles and high ethical standards that we strive to achieve and expect our supply partners to try to work toward throughout the course of our business relationship. These principles and ethical standards include: assuring compliance with legal standards..
  4. Supplier Code of Conduct. Sourcing Challenges in the Global Marketplace. California Prop 65 Statement of Compliance. Steelys Drinkware seeks to conduct its business in a responsible manner and to maintains high standards for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
  5. Code of Conduct. Kulite Semiconductor Products, Inc. (Kulite) is dedicated to conducting business consistent with the highest standards of business ethics. We have an obligation to our employees, customers, suppliers and others with whom we interact to be honest, fair and forthright in all business..
  6. Musthane Code of Conduct Musthane acts and must act in a responsible and sustainable way, in all markets where it is present. This commitment is vis-à-vis its employees, its customers, suppliers and intermediaries. Our reputation and the trust of our partners (including our investors, customers and..
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  1. Supplier Code of Conduct. Human Rights Policy. GPM Global suppliers and partners are required to take reasonable steps to ensure that this Code of Conduct is communicated throughout their organizations and to make this Code available to their employees and throughout their own supply..
  2. This Supplier Code of Conduct assists eBay in complying with its regulatory obligations in various jurisdictions, such as the UK's Modern Slavery Act Reporting Ethics Issues or other Concerns. eBay employee conduct is addressed by the eBay Code of Business Conduct & Ethics, eBay workplace..
  3. The Supplier Code of Conduct contains the standards and basic principles that govern the cooperation between Geberit and its suppliers. This Code is based on the Code of Conduct for Employees and lays the foundations for a transparent and lasting partnership
  4. A Code of Conduct has the purpose of being the central guide and reference for users in day to day decision making. The conduct of individuals, therefore, should clearly reflect what the organisation 'stands for' and how the organisation wishes to see itself projected to the outside world
  5. The Supplier Code of Conduct supports the four (4) Financial Operations Principles of Sustainability - leadership; social inclusivity; environmental stewardship and accountability. Legal and Ethical Responsibilities. University suppliers and their sub-contractors will comply with national and other..
  6. Supplier must ensure that this Code of Conduct is adequately communicated to all employees. Supplier should immediately notify Dover Motion at +1-508-475-3400 upon learning of any known or suspected improper behavior by Supplier or by employees of Dover Motion or its subsidiaries

The Code echoes our internal Code of Conduct and clarifies what we mean when we speak about ethical business practices. Sustainability in the supply chain is therefore an important part of our corporate responsibility Application of the Code of Conduct. The Code represents KAF's core values, which apply to our entire supply network - from raw materials and components through finished goods and service providers. KAF takes active steps to communicate its Supplier Code of Conduct to all business partners Statement Relating to the Velcro Supplier Code of ConductThis Supplier Code of Conduct outlines the expectations of Velcro Industries and its affiliates (collectively VELCRO) in the areas of business integrity, labor practices, employee health and safety, and environmental management Supplier Code of Conduct. CRH places business ethics and sustainability at the forefront of all business interactions, including those with our suppliers, recognising they are key stakeholders in the success of our business. We expect our suppliers, both direct and indirect..

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This Supplier Code of Conduct applies to facilities involved in the production of products for Garan or any of our subsidiaries, vendors, agents or licensees including entities with direct relationship with Garan and any of their contractors involved in Garan production (Garan Suppliers) Our Supplier Code of Conduct sets forth our expectations that suppliers and their subcontractors operate their facilities and conduct employee relations in an ethical manner that meets requirements of the law in their respective host countries The Supplier Code of Conduct sets the minimum performance standards for the City of Vancouver's Ethical Purchasing Policy. Mailing address Supply Chain Management City of Vancouver 453 West 12th Ave Vancouver, BC V5Y 1V4. Phone: 604-873-7263

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UN Supplier Code of Conduct. UN Supplier Code of conduct. Gender Responsive Procurement Our Supplier Code of Conduct is one element of our commitment to safe and healthy workplaces for the people who make products or provide services The Vancouver Airport Authority Supplier Code of Conduct sets out the minimum standards for our suppliers and their subcontractors to promote.. Supplier Code of Conduct. Bombardier's commitment towards a sustainable supply chain. Our Supplier Code integrates these principles

The Code of Conduct is Our General Statement of Ethical Business Conduct. This Code of Conduct outlines our broad responsibilities. More guidance is provided in Company Policies, procedures, employee handbooks and All suppliers should be treated fairly, ethically and impartially This Supplier Code of Conduct sets forth Voya's standards and expectations with respect to key areas of corporate responsibility. Our goal is to work with suppliers to ensure alignment with our corporate values, operate ethically and responsibly, and comply with applicable laws, regulations and corporate..

Supplier Code of Conduct. English. Proposition 65 (CA). Supply Chain Policy. Partnership The MasterCard Supplier Code of Conduct (the Supplier Code) documents the principles, guidelines and expectations for establishing and maintaining a business relationship with MasterCard Worldwide (MasterCard). MasterCard is committed to partnerships with Suppliers that share the MasterCard.. Code of Conduct. Åkerströms condemns all forms of corruption and fraud, and demand openness, integrity and honesty in all parts of our business In order to ensure these aims, Åkerströms has adopted this Code of Conduct. Any supplier, distributor or other company that wishes to do business.. REMØY SHIPPING is committed to ensure that employees are treated with respect and dignity, that employment conditions are safe, that all activities are environmentally responsible and the highest standards of ethical behaviour are maintained Code of Conduct. Our corporate vision and values speak to our business standards for ethical, honest and legal practices. We are accountable to demonstrate these values that are also outlined in our Code of Conduct Groupon's Vendor Code of Conduct sets out guidelines and requirements for all merchants, vendors, and suppliers (collectively, Vendors) that do We expect our Vendors (including their employees, agents, subcontractors, and affiliates) to comply with the Vendor Code of Conduct in conducting..

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